Mind wipes and stabby bits, a foray into natural medicine part 2

And now we come to the next chapter in our dabble into alternative medicine.  On one of my visits to the naturopath it’s revealed that I’ve been having some difficulties with my in-laws.  Perhaps the stress of this could be contributing to our troubles with conceiving Bumble.  Hmmmm, not sure on that I’m thinking but I suppose it’s a possibility.  My naturopath suggests talking to someone about it and recommends a hypnotherapist to visit.  After a bit of internal debate I decide to give it a go.  What a mistake that turned out to be!  The hour that I spent there was one of the most awkward of my life.  It started off ok, some casual chats about what was going on and the problems we were facing, the therapist made some valid points about what I needed to do, and reinforced some beliefs around why I thought things had blown up the way they had.  That was all fine.  It was the second half of the session where things became odd.  I got the feeling the therapist wasn’t used to having someone relatively sane sitting in her chair and was frustrated that we hadn’t come very far since the beginning of the session.  She demanded to know why I had come and what I wanted out of the session…um, 1) shouldn’t you have asked that at the beginning of the session and 2) I’ve already told you…a way to move forward with my in-laws and some tips to chilling out about the whole thing so it doesn’t interfere with conception.  In the end I came out of the session with a couple of tips on how to relax, and the belief that the in-law situation wasn’t causing me enough stress to impact on Bumble-making (essentially what I went in with).  I know people who have used hypnotherapy with great success to stop smoking or lose weight.  It seems that either this therapist was particularly useless, or my issue just wasn’t something that could be helped in this way.  Oh well, at least I gave it a shot…better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do, right?

In a different session, prompted by my hyperhidrosis, my naturopath suggests another option for me could be acupuncture and that she’s had some other clients who have found this really helps.  There was an acupuncturist onsite at my naturopath’s so I stored it away in my mind to give that ago in a month, after our next payday.  The day before payday, while out at a friend’s farewell dinner, another friend pulls me aside and mentions that she has been seeing a good acupuncturist and thinks it could help with our quest.  I phone the following day and have an appointment for the same night.  I’m a little nervous going into this one, my last experiment with the hypnotherapist had proved a disaster, and this next one involved needles.  I’m not a needle-phobe by any means and am quite happy to watch while my blood is taken or IV’s inserted but I guess not truly knowing what to expect I was a little apprehensive, and once again, sceptical.

I needn’t have worried.  The acupuncturist was the loveliest person and after a short chat about my medical history and lifestyle she gave me an introductory session of acupuncture.  Using the smallest, least invasive needles she targeted various points around my body, first the back then the front. I’m now going 2-3 times per week and have been for the last 10 months.  There are varying thoughts on the success of acupuncture but on the whole it seems overly positive.  Even many in different fields of Western/conventional medicine are opening their minds to the idea that acupuncture can work, and more & more studies are being carried out to explain, in Westernised terms, acupunctures success.

In last ten months I’ve become a seasoned professional at acupuncture and have progressed to stronger needles.  While most of the time they don’t hurt there is one needling point just below my belly button that is frequently painful.  My poor acupuncturist often apologises when she has to insert that one!  Sessions before ovulation are definitely the worst as the stronger needles are used, but post ovulation it’s quite nice as there’s no discomfort and I get to chill out for an hour – though my acupuncturist despairs that I don’t sleep during this time…I’m always too busy thinking!  Being the thinker that I am has caused me to wonder if I’m doing the right thing as again it’s not cheap, and like everything else I can’t guarantee its effectiveness.  I definitely feel good after my sessions, though a sceptic would say perhaps that’s just the relaxing for an hour.  Although much of the time the effects of acupuncture are subtle, there have been a couple of occasions where I’ve been in agony (with pre-menstrual type cramps – only worse) a few hours after my session…so I figure it must be doing something.

Naturopathy, therapy, acupuncture…it IS a lot.  I wouldn’t recommend the therapy (although another type would be fine I’m sure!), the naturopathy I could take or leave, and the acupuncture I’d definitely recommend (as long as you’re not scared of needles that is).  I think perhaps my husband might get his way after all and I’ll give up the naturopathy but not the acupuncture….but only time will tell.


2 responses to “Mind wipes and stabby bits, a foray into natural medicine part 2

  • SunnySide

    I’ve been doing acu for about five months now and I love it. I am like you though. I can’t sleep or really relax because my mind is in GO mode. I wondered for a while if I should continue since I have such a hard time relaxing, but decided it was beneficial either way. I’m still not pregnant, but I feel better knowing I’m giving alternative medicine a fair shot. Great post! 🙂

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